Apr 8, 2014

Skill Development Workouts Sessions

The Tony Perkins Basketball Skills Academy features offers attention to detail, with small class size, individual attention, and a focus on individual improvement through two-hour intense training sessions.


See for yourself what hundreds of families and players experience everyday as we change the way youth basketball develops players.

Step 1: Player Assessment

Having a player assessment is the best way to begin your experience with Tony Perkins Basketball Skills Academy. Perkins' philosophy and design is very unique. We offer more than just a camp or clinic. We have proven progressions and assessments to help you focus on your own goals outside of a team environment. During your player assessment we will walk you through our philosophy, design, and progressions. Player assessment are offered and we only allow 15 players to attend, so spots go quickly.

Step 2: Pick A Class

Finding a class that best fits your needs is the second step of joining the Tony Perkins Basketball Skills Academy. It is mandatory that you attend a minimum of three, sixty minute classes for me to give a full evaluation. As a player you will receive a coaching call to review your assessment after completing the three classes to discuss if both you and TPBSA would be a beneficial coaching & player development relationship.

Step 3: Set Goals & Schedule

This is where the fun starts, where goals are create and the energy of getting better flows through your veins. First we will start by setting your basketball goals, identifying your dream schools of choice, put together an at home player development schedule & set a realistic improvement timeline.

Options-60-minute small group foundation classes are one option. So is Ball Control and Shooting classes. Trainees and families can choose from 3 different player development training's. 



The Foundation Principals

The Five Principals: Ball Control, Body/ Balance Control, Shot Mechanic, Quickness & Agility and Game Intelligence fold into a complex path along the journey of youth basketball player development.

Our Foundation classes were created for young player that are just starting out with basketball and need more fundamental training over playing games. These classes are progressive mastery of skills that are different fore-mother training companies because we focus on creating a strong foundation of learning technique. Rather than "just focus on dribbling, passing or shooting our unique combination of a matrix of skills within a creative learning environment allows our trainees to progress skills faster than if they just practiced general concept of the the game. It's not what we teach, it's how we teach it.

Starting with the Foundation classes, as the initial influence of Tony Perkins Basketball Skills Academy great trainee model of development. The TPBSA Academy classes are an outcome of a unique blend of scheduling timing, skill development and progression to develop as a gifted and talented player.

Classes starting $30.00 (Ages from 7 and up).


Ball Control Curriculum

The ball control curriculum consists of three parts. First, we concentrate on your Stationary dribbling. Such as feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, eyes up, staying low, power dribbling in place, four dribbling boxes, keeping ball in dribbling box, etc. Second, we concentrate running while dribbling. Such as dribbling ball below knees, dribble with one hand length of the court then dribble with other hand, dribbling switching from one hand to the other hand, pushing ball ahead in open court with no defender etc.. Third, we concentrate on Change of Direction. Such as crossover dribble, stop and go, reverse spin, body fakes, C.O.D's, in & out dribble combinations.

We teach three level of ball control; stationary, running & change of direction. You can't skip a level and expect to really improve on your ball control, if you do you will soon realize that dribbling is harder than you thought. You will lose confidence along with building a fear to dribble the ball against pressure. Let us help, from day one you will go through our series of mandatory daily ball control drills to put you on the right path. Not only will it increase your ball control it also reduce your turnover ratio and build confidence to dribble the ball during the game. To truly perfect you're dribbling skills you need thousands of muscle memory pounds in your memory bank. Our goal is to put you on a monthly dribbling plan that will impress anyone when you tell them how many pounds you put in during the year.

Classes starting $30.00 (Must be able to control the basketball - Ages from 12 and up).



All sessions are lead by Tony Perkins, for any additional questions you can contact Coach Perkins at (239) 600-8949 or at tonyperkinsbasketball@hotmail.com.