Apr 8, 2014

Advanced Skills Development Workouts

The Tony Perkins Basketball Skills Academy features offers attention to detail, with small class size, individual attention, and a focus on individual improvement through two-hour intense training sessions.

Sessions will focus on shooting, speed, agility quickness training, defensive tactics to help you make your team, guard and post skills, individual offensive footwork, attacking pressure with poise, and will be built to 3-on-3.

Academy Features

Open to boys and girls in grades 5th-12th. Age and skill-based grouping.
Each athlete will receive six total 2 hour small group training sessions.
40 minutes of Skill Stations
40 minutes of Deliberate Practice focusing on shooting, 1-on-1 and finishing
20 minutes of 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 Game Play to allow for application of individual skills and more repetition

Academy Sessions

  • Winter I: Sunday, Jan. 22 & Sunday, Jan. 29
    • Sundays 3-5 pm.
  • Winter II: Sunday, Feb. 5 & Sunday, Feb 12
    • Sundays 3-5 pm.
  • Winter III:  Sunday, Feb. 19 & Sunday, Feb 26
    • Sundays 3-5 pm.


To Be Announced Soon. 

Getting Ready For Your Course

  • When will I receive Email Confirmation?
    • You will receive a final email confirmation at least 3 days before the first scheduled day of your event.
      • This email will finalize meeting times, check in times and final details unique to your session.
  • What do I Bring?
    • Athletic Court Shoes (that are only worn on the court and not on the street)
    • Proper workout gear
  • When do I arrive for my first session? 
    • Check-in is 30 minutes prior to the first session of any course.
    • After that, you will receive weekly updates from Coach Perkins, if there are special meeting times unique to each workout.
  • Can I walk up and register the first day of the course? 
    • You are welcome to walk up. However, it will be speedier if you register and pay online before you arrive.
All sessions are lead by Tony Perkins, for more information contact me at tonyperkinsbasketball@hotmail.com